Thinkscroller Version 1.5
Reference Manual / API Documentation
Scroll Layer (Object Layer)


The Object Layer will scroll the transform of a game object.

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  • Main
    • Current Mode - Displays the current scrolling mode.
    • Auto Weights - If enabled, weights will automatically be calculated based on the layer's distance from the parallax camera.
    • Update Layers - Updates the weights in the parallax manager. This is usually automatic.
    • Weight - The layer's weight. Heavier weights (higher values) move more slowly than lighter weights.
    • Layer Speed - Displays the speed of the layer, calculated by its weight.
    • Speed Modifier - A modifier that is multiplied with the layer speed.
    • Auto Billboard - This must be disabled for this mode.
    • Object Layer - This must be enabled for this mode.
    • Use Pixel Space - If enabled, object layers will use pixel space to scroll. Use this to match scroll speeds with non-object layers.


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